we don't just hand you a website

we give you an interactive solution.

email marketing + web hosting + research + planning + web design + web development + browser compatibility + content management + professional blog + social media + email marketing + web hosting + research + planning + web design

We research to determine what will best help our clients increase their brand awareness, online market share, interaction with their customers and give them a better overall understanding of the online world.

We spend extensive time with our clients to come up with an interactive plan that will best give them the marketing response that they are seeking. From proposal to site map and wireframes, we make sure we're on track with what our clients need.

Our designers have an excellent grasp on the balance of both design and usability (form versus function) and our client's project designs reflect this. This knowledge and experience allows us give our clients not only the best design options but also keep in mind the usability of their potential visitors.

We ensure that all our code is developed to be as clean as possible, allowing us to provide you higher search engine rankings as well as less headaches and time whenever you need to update your site.

Every website or email template we develop gets tested extensively in all major web browsers to ensure that all visitors to our clients' sites will get the same great experience.

For our clients who are in need of the ability to edit their own websites, we make it as easy for them as is possible by implementing a CMS engine like Wordpress. We also provide custom plug-ins and extensive training to help ease our clients into website content management.

Professional blogs are a way for companies to reach out and communicate with their customers. We offer this for our clients by implementing of a blogging engine (such as Wordpress) seamlessly into our clients sites and providing training on how to best articulate their brand and represent themselves in articles.

Social media is an incredibly important aspect of the online business world. We not only help our clients understand social media and how to best implement it for their businesses, but we also offer setup and maintenance services.

We provide design, development and testing services for email marketing campaigns. We also offer mass-mailing capabilities with detailed email campaign reports and subscriber management at very competitive prices.

We offer several web hosting plans to our clients who need a great place to house their website(s). Our hosting includes 24/7 online support, varying levels of storage and bandwidth to meet your needs and excellent server uptime.

Ohio Interactive Awards for Mark Steele Photography An example of our finest work: Mark Steele Photography

Mark Steele Photography

why choose the fourthfloor

In a world full of "experts", what makes Fourth Floor Interactive the right choice for you? Check out some basics below or learn more about us.

  • We love our clients and want them to succeed.
  • We give our clients a complete solution.
  • We know interactive, brand identity and print.
  • We're perfectionists -- on our dime.

Getting ready to release a new website for Fourth Floor Interactive that better showcases our ideals of smart • clean • simple.

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we know the web.

and we want to share that knowledge with you.

Check out our news/blog or our latest tweet, both full of our web knowledge and experience along with some of our latest news.

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